Essex County Council’s Actions on Wenden Road

We have now received a list of remedial actions which ECC will be undertaking during their stage 4 audit next week. These can be found here – Remedial_Actions.

Access Walden feel that the scheme in its present condition has scope for improvement and to further enhance the user experience for cyclists, pedestrians and motorists, a proposed list of changes has been discussed with various councillors and passed onto ECC. We therefore hope that these issues are taken seriously enough to be included in the above list and can be resolved very quickly.

We propose that the following improvements are made –

1. Move the one remaining bollard that is on opposite side to rest across so that all bollards line up on same side.

2. Clearer signs and on-road markings to emphasise cycle path is down hill only, and cycles & vehicles progress uphill on one way stretch.

3. Cut back verge to create wider tarmac area inside white line for pedestrians, where no footway.

4. Lower speed limit.

5. Filling potholes and fissures on middle section under trees.

6. Proactive and positive communications to explain and promote the scheme from all parties.

Wenden Road has very unique design restrictions due to being surrounded by private land and needing to accommodate two-way motor traffic to and from Abbey Farm. We feel the above improvements can be easily undertaken, bringing the Wenden Road cycle/pedestrian path in line with the safe and friendly route its users deserve.

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8 Responses to Essex County Council’s Actions on Wenden Road

  1. Diana Hoy says:

    Thank you for your action on this but I will only be happy when there is an obvious and continuous footpath for those walking to and from the station. To remind you – I nearly ran over my returning University son one dark night on that dreadful road- when he decided to walk, wearing black – against our arrangements!!

    • accesswalden says:

      Thankyou for your comment Diana, hopefully point 3 will help create a wider and safer segregation for pedestrians. Remember that width is restricted due to land either side being owned by Audley End Estates so a raised curb has been ruled out at present.

  2. Malcolm Moy says:

    How about the last part of the road, station end, is turned into a free parking area. This would keep motorists on a tight budget and townsfolk very happy and intentionally severely restrict free passage of cars up the road, thus discouraging all vehicle use but also allowing access to the farm and airfield?

  3. d aronsohn says:

    why does abbey farm need two way traffic when the rest of the town does not have it? no disrepect to abbey farm but the two way traffic completely invalidates the scheme.
    the lack of speed restrictions make it still un unsafe as a cycle route and a non existant walking route.

  4. Rachel says:

    I really do feel that all the work was rather pointless because there is only half a cycle route. Looks good for the way to the station, but youre in the same poor position for the return journey. I’m disapointed to say the least

  5. Janette says:

    I appreciate Access Wendens aims but I am afraid the compromise “solution” implemented has made it so unsafe that, after 5 years cycling between Audley End station and Saffron Walden, now I feel compelled to buy and car and drive to Saffron Walden from Cambridge. Yesterday I had a very near head-on collision with a bus in the cycle lane overtaking a cyclist coming the other way (the bus and I emergency stopped to avoid impact), and a near miss at a bollard where a van driver going fast decided he was not going to stop at the bollard to wait for me coming the other way. I don’t think adjusting the speed limit will make any difference as some drivers simply do not recognize dangers and will drive impatiently and break the speed limit. To make it safe the cycle path needs to be raised so traffic does not impinge on it and the road needs to be one way.

    • accesswalden says:

      Hi Janette, it sounds as though you have experienced some very poor and possibly illegal driving. We are aware that certain bus drivers are impatiently overtaking cyclists up the hill towards the County High School and driving into the cycle lane – this is illegal and I strongly suggest you report this. As for the van driver, again it sounds as though the driver was in breach of the highway code.
      The road layout as it stands, is far safer than it used to be, not least because there is less motor traffic travelling along it, many cyclists have reported the positive effect it has had on their daily commute along Wenden Road. As you are probably aware, it has to be two-way for the businesses that use it – this is why there was the compromise. It really must be seen as a step in the right direction, ECC had to start listening to the thousands of people who wanted a safer cycle route to and from the station and this is the result, it is not perfect but it is far better than what we had before.
      If you do contact ECC on the issues you have experienced, be sure to Cc so that we can see their response.
      Kind Regards,
      Access Walden.

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