Wenden Road Update for 2016

Last week on behalf of Saffron Walden Town Council Paul Gadd met David Sprunt of ECC Highways, principally to look at potential road schemes in Saffron Walden that the Town Council would like to promote (primarily looking at schemes to help pedestrians and cyclists in town), but also to ask about the situation on Wenden Road.

He confirmed that another safety audit has been carried out by the ECC Highways team and that the results are still awaited.  The safety audit team are in theory independent of the rest of ECC Highways and make safety recommendations; it is not clear however whether the safety team take into account anything that the public, Access Walden or Saffron Walden Town Council send to ECC Highways.   We are continuing to press for the three traffic islands at the west end to be aligned to the same side, to remove the current slalom, and to get a 40mph speed limit – at the moment however we’ve still got no better idea of when ECC Highways will come back.

20160101_104928One piece of good news for pedestrians though – relatively at least.  You will have seen that over the half-term week part of the bank was cut back on the south side where it had grown over onto the tarmac surface.  ECC Highways are intending to cut the bank back all the way along the Wenden Road, which should give an extra foot or more of tarmac surface to walk on.  There won’t be any form of pavement or physical separation, but there should at least be more space on the other side of the white line for pedestrians to get them further away from motor vehicles.  As and when this is done, can pedestrians please leave your comments below and these will be passed onto Paul Gadd from SWTC.

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7 Responses to Wenden Road Update for 2016

  1. Tom Goodwin says:

    I enjoyed Wenden Road today as a pedestrian. Thanks for facilitating this mode of transport and helping me with my New Year Resolutions. Lots of cyclists enjoying it too.

    • accesswalden says:

      Tom, thank you very much for your positive comment! It is great to hear that people such as yourself are using the quieter Wenden Road to their benefit. I wonder if anyone else has incorporated a walk or cycle along Wenden Road as part of their new year’s resolution.

  2. James Savage says:

    Great to see Tom’s commitment to using the new scheme. I’ve noticed that unlike previous winter seasons there has been no real dip in usage of cycle racks at station. The mild weather has helped of course, but I predict b next Spring / Summer we’ll see a new surge in see as people will be very familiar with the scheme by then.

    • accesswalden says:

      Thanks for your observations James. We have been getting some feedback from people saying that they have recently started cycling to the station now that it is safer. This will only increase towards the Summer so I hope the station is prepared for it.

  3. Tom B says:

    We have recently moved to Saffron Walden, and think that anything that can encourage people to walk and cycle will help the town, as there is a lot of traffic which has a negative impact.

    The Wenden Road scheme has been useful for us when getting to the station by bike, and is definitely a step in the right direction.

    In the post above it is mentioned that other schemes to help pedestrians and cyclists were being looked at. Is it possible to find out more about these, and suggest some ourselves? In particular, we walk along the Ashdon Road into town regularly. There is no footpath on the south side of the road between the Tudor Park development and Homebase, even though there is room. This means that you have to cross the road twice, and one of these crossings is on a blind bend. Many families use this route and it is hard to cross safely.

    • Paul Gadd says:


      Thanks for the post. Saffron Walden Town Council and Residents 4 Uttlesford are working on trying to get better transport links in Saffron Walden through better use of local highways panel money, particularly for walking and cycling. We held a consultation which finished just before Christmas and SWTC are now going through the feedback to work out which schemes we pursue with Essex Highways. Give me a call on 500226 and I’ll give you further details and would welcome any thoughts you (or anyone else) have.

      I’ve no idea why Tudor Park ended up as it has and why there is no pavement. Uttlesford District Council planning approved it without the pavement despite the risks and the lack of pavement being specifically brought to their attention. I agree that the current layout seems to make no sense at all, and is hardly designed to encourage pedestrians, and seems to be a perfect example of how not to do something.

  4. Chloe C says:

    I have to say that having recently moved to Wendens Ambo, I am shocked that there isn’t a proper path all along Wenden Road. I don’t feel very safe doing the walk, especially on the parts where there is no pavement or you have to cross the road to reach the pavement. The cars go past so fast!

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